The basic situation of a brief spark plug

Published: 12th July 2010
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Spark plug of a wide range of materials are nickel, platinum, iridium alloy points, form a single head, double head, four head difference, still have high heat resistance, low temperature differences.

Temperature is an important indicator of the spark plug. NGK Spark Plugs on the use of temperature calibration methods have become a common standard spark plug is used: the calibration coefficients are smaller, higher heat resistance spark plug, the better heat dissipation. Selection can be based on the engine spark plug compression ratio, speed and air-fuel ratio. High compression ratio engines require high temperature of the spark plug; the other hand, low compression ratio engines use spark plugs have a corresponding resistance to lower temperature. Normal temperature resistance of spark plug 6 to 7 degrees. Power upgrade for modified vehicles, it is also necessary to raise a little spark plug temperature, general factory spark plugs with 7 degrees, should be raised once modified spark plug with 6 degrees.

Currently, platinum spark plugs have been very popular, and Iridium spark plug manufacturers have already begun to use in loading. Iridium spark plugs for better ignition properties, conductivity, hardness is higher than the platinum spark plugs, but the price has more than platinum spark plug life to only 2 to 30,000 km. Using iridium alloy spark plug engine running smoother, faster speed.

Modified multi-use needle electrodes with a spark plug. Exact location of needle electrode ignition, ignition and stability, relatively low operating voltage, the engine starts easily, so by playing particular attention to car people. Iridium spark plug gap between the price line of large, from several hundred dollars to tens of dollars have chosen. Vehicle owners can be modified according to circumstances, their financial ability to make choices. You also need to change spark plugs, a basic concept, that is, "heat value." Cylinder where the temperature is very large, spark plug test to prove the work within the insulator temperature 500 ℃ -900 ℃ more appropriate, no matter what the engine must meet this requirement. But the high compression ratio of high-speed engine temperature is high, spark plug heat faster than low speed, low compression engine on the contrary, to meet different engine's needs? Would have to design different spark plug heat value, their difference is the internal structure, we have to distinguish between them only through the heat value of the "degree" to discriminate.

Commercially available spark plug heat value from 5°to 13°, the greater the value, spark plugs, the more "cold", the so-called cold type, suitable for high speed and high compression ratio engine; value smaller, spark plugs, the more "hot" ( Heat type), for the low compression ratio engines. Cooler than the production of spark plug products more sophisticated, so the engine high rpm, it can ensure the accuracy and quality of the ignition, so as to ensure the maximum time limit horsepower engine. Also under control of its resistance was very small, the number of dense ignition did not vary due to the increase of speed was filled. So use a high degree spark plug pulled on the engine speed used to shift, or "Biao car" family is helpful. But if you use too high number of spark plugs (not suitable for your car's engine), then there will be difficulty in starting, low speed unstable situation. Specifically, this sub-tropical weather in Guangdong, 5°to 8° in the spark plug more appropriate (regular car use 5°to 6°, can be changed to 6°,7 °, 8°, the specific response depends upon the actual loading determined, urban use vehicles generally recommend a maximum 7°date), and 9°above only in hot weather the car was the lingua franca.

Why are some riders will feel the power spark plug modified to improve it? The answer is simple, replace the spark plug ignition high-tension lines and change the engine after the ignition time (timing) the effect of play, not ignition energy have improved the engine's power. We all know that the engine spark advance at different output power when the ignition is not the same. Using different grades of fuel required ignition advance angle is not the same. In the car design in different regions in order to meet the different grades of fuel, ignition advance angle is generally designed to adapt to a lower grade of fuel. Motor vehicles that you spark advance is not fuel grade you use the best value. Then if you change the spark plugs changed the ignition timing of engine power will be changed. Why change spark plugs change spark timing (time) do? This is because the engine's ignition voltage is not a constant value, but a change in the ignition cycle, the rising curve of Sui time. This allows different models (different discharge gap voltage different) in the spark at different times, generally speaking smaller spark plug gap spark advance, spark plug gap larger after the ignition set.

Analysis to this You know it, in fact, do not replace the spark plugs and high-voltage lines, as long as the appropriate way to adjust with the ignition timing (to change the computer program, or adjust the spark plug gap) could alter the engine's operating conditions, do not believe you are immediately transferred to debug test. Some of our riders posted for the spark plugs and high-voltage lines, said after the results are not satisfactory (the original sense of the words is a stew in which the fire) was adjusted after the effective spark plug gap, and this also proves my analysis is correct. Another issue to draw attention to the now three-way catalytic engine EFI increase the ignition time by the engine are the best set of environmental indicators (the most environmentally friendly engine power may not necessarily be the best time), and through the oxygen sensor to achieve closed-loop control (that is, no matter how you change the spark plug gap will not change the ignition timing pm). Modified to reflect some of the riders said to turn over power lines and spark plug, only to suddenly change when refueling hard acceleration the engine (speed), stability, power and did not change before the change can not prove this.

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